Welcome, This directory is here to guide you in your search for a veterinarian who can assist with in-home pet euthanasia.  Those listed here understand the importance of saying goodbye in the comfort of home and will provide  support as you face this most difficult time.  As you make preparations, please explore our site for answers to common questions and gain insight into all the wonderful benefits of in-home euthanasia for your beloved pet.

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 A dear friend of mine recently used your services euthanize her dear pet.
She's in Colorado. I'm in Cleveland. Being a pet owner and loving my dog a million %, I just wanted to drop you this email to thank you for providing the service that you provide. My friend emailed me and shared her beautiful experience.  It goes without saying I'm sitting here, tears drying and sniffling. I just had to thank you for the service you offer and let you know that I can only imagine what this means to pet owners who contact you & the comfort you provide to the pet.  One day my turn will come with my dog and I pray it's far, far away. I also hope there is a service in my area like the one you provide. It just makes great sense.  Thanks again for providing a wonderful service.

~ Eric Wilhelm/Cleveland, OH

I am sure you already know this, but I just wanted you to know that often times when a pet needs to pass, people have to change vets because the memories make that office too difficult to visit again. You are doing a service not just for the pet and the owner, but for the vets as well. I wish I had known about you when my dog Thor was suffering. He was 10 yo, had numerous health issues. What we didn’t know until the autopsy was that he had a very fast acting cancerthat was strangling his heart and spleen. The 4 a.m. emergency was very traumatic and I was alone. A kind neighbor lifted my 95 pound dog for me to get him to town. I had known he was failing,but didn’t have the supportive services to help me make the decision. I wish I could have saved Thor the drama of that morning. No confusion, no mob of people running around doing useless emergency measures. I just can’t think of a more safe and comforting way for the inevitable to come about for the pet, the other pets, and the owner. Thank you for helping pets at home where they want to be.

~ Valerie Whitcomb / Fort Collins, CO